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⚡️ Sisyphus can help you quickly build cloud-native modern backend services.

🏗 Sisyphus uses a 'macroservices' design philosophy, which allows you to focus on business logic at the beginning of a project and easily unpack it into microservices at a later stage of business expansion.

📓 Follow the Google API Improvement Proposals for a handy guide to building robust and extensible APIs.

💥 Ready for more? Use advanced features like Service Reflection, Swagger Integration, Service Monitoring, SQL Builder DSL and more!

🧐 Sisyphus is essentially a gRPC service framework built on Spring Boot and Kotlin, using Kotlin Coroutine technology to build asynchronous APIs.


Sisyphus has been designed from the ground up with a strong focus on the developer experience, helping you take a break from the tedium of business code.

  • 🥄 Built with ❤️ and Kotlin
    • Develop with the more efficient Kotlin language
    • Embrace the Java community, 100% compatibility with Java libraries
    • Write high performance and very readable business logic using Kotlin concurrency techniques
  • 🧗‍ Integration into the Protobuf/gRPC ecosystem
    • Kotlin-specific Protobuf compiler to seamlessly integrate Protobuf into the Kotlin language system
    • Intellij Protobuf Plugin, which supports the Sisyphus framework, helps you write Protobuf files quickly
    • Charles on gRPC, the Mediator proxy tool can help you debug gRPC services
    • The minimalist gRPC client for Web sisyphus.js helps you quickly integrate into the browser
  • 🗺 Follow the Google API Improvement Proposals
    • When on the fence about API design, feel free to turn to the Google API Improvement Proposals
    • Provides HTTP and gRPC Transcoding implementation, implementing both gRPC and beautiful Restful API at once
  • ☁️ Native microservices
    • Microservices and Macroservices can be assembled at will, retaining the features of microservices while including the benefits of monolithic applications
    • Deployment Plugin One-Click Deployment to K8s Environment
    • Docker plugin supports layered builds using Spring Boot layered Jar to optimize image size
  • 👬 Developer Friendly
    • Doing the most with the least configuration
    • Configure the development environment using the readily editable
    • Configure the runtime environment using the distributable Config Artifacts Jar

Something missing?

If you find issues with the documentation or have suggestions on how to improve the documentation or the project in general, please file an issue