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Service Discover

We already know that invoking of Service is implemented by Schema.

Sisyphus automatically discovers local services with services in the k8s cluster and creates client beans.

Local Service Discovery

Since an Application may contain multiple Services, Sisyphus uses the local service discovery mechanism to handle these requests when Services within the same Application call each other.

Sisyphus automatically creates corresponding gRPC clients for all classes contained in the Spring context marked by the @RpcServiceImpl annotation, and only needs to use @Autowire to inject the corresponding clients.

lateinit var userApi: UserApi.Client

These clients are linked via the built-in InProcessServer, there is no additional network communication loss, and each call is also a full gRPC call that also goes through serialization, configured interceptors, etc. This maintains consistency between calls to the local service and the external service.

Service discovery in k8s cluster

In addition, if the sisyphus-grpc-client-kubernetes package added to the dependencies of application, Sisyphus will also automatically discover other services in the k8s cluster where the runtime environment is located and create the corresponding client.

Sisyphus will try to find a Service with a tag like sisyphus/google.rpc.showcase.Echo in the same namespace and use its value as the access interface to create the client.

Similarly, the corresponding client can be injected simply by using the @Autowire annotation.

lateinit var userApi: UserApi.Client

Other implementations

In the future, Sisyphus will add support for more popular open source registries like Eureka, Zookeeper, Spring Cloud, etc. to enable smarter service discovery.